All About Millie

I have been helping people solve problems for as long as I can remember, assisted businesses, individuals and families with solutions to problems such as shifting the dynamics in an office, getting a couch through the door, retaining volunteers and teaching children why they do chores.  I have helped families create spaces in their home to function as command centers, and worked with ministers in preparation for sermons. I have trained entire organizations on the value of hospitality, and dedicated my days to solving problems within my own life in a pragmatic and intentional way. Solutions by Millie is about providing insight for others based upon my own experience, education, and research across various industries. In working with families I have assisted traditional nuclear families, foster families, blended families and non-traditional families  - with great success in helping them achieve holistically healthy homes. I earned a Master's Degree in Human Service Counseling and completed Ph.D work in the field of Organizational Leadership. It is my joy to bring these services into your business, your home...your life.

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